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The Windsor Files Part I – The Wolf & I


The Wolf & I
152 Chapel St
Windsor,  Vic, 3181

The Wolf and I  on Urbanspoon

Windsor is fast becoming the new ‘it’ place for food and wine lovers alike. As seedy bars and dirty pubs close, the grungy end of Chapel St is getting a fresh makeover with quality restaurants, cafes, wine bars and gastropubs entering the scene.

The Windsor Files is going to be a 4 part series and the first on my list is the very newly opened The Wolf & I. Most of you familiar with the Chapel St scene would remember this place as a dodgy looking pub called The Swan. I myself had never been into the Swan, but it always seemed to attract the riffraff of Windsor out the front on the sidewalk (apologies if I have offended anyone – as I said, I never actually went inside so am only judging a book by it’s cover!). Well, I am pleased to say it has had quite the makeover and now serves as a more trendy pub/restaurant with the exposed brick walls probably the only original part left! It also has ‘friends’ that you may see lurking around…. in the form of a wolf-man and deer-men. These are sculptures created by artist Danish Philip Jensen and can be spotted in a different pose around the pub each day! On this day wolf-man was dressed up in a Hawthorn football jumper (pre-AFL Grand Final day). I wonder if he is hanging his head somewhere now?

My other-half, ‘M’, and I braved the unusually cold September evening and headed down to check it out and and found the front pub/bar part of the establishment to be already pumping at 7pm! We made our way towards the back which was also nearly full of diners and were offered a seat at one of the large communal tables which we happily accepted.

As a comfort food addict, it didn’t take me long to decide on the Roast Rump of Lamb Shepherds Pie and they were more than accommodating in swapping the minted peas (a childhood trauma involving minted peas has scarred me for life!) with a side of  broccolini instead. The pie was served in it’s own terracotta dish with chunks of lamb rump, lamb mince and gravy mixture, topped deliciously fluffy potatoes that were golden and crisp on top. It was so good that I almost licked the dish clean – almost! The broccolini came topped with a balsamic reduction and toasted almond flakes and completed my perfect cold night meal!

M couldn’t go past the Wolfs Beef Burger and he wasn’t disappointed. Served on turkish bread, it was easier to wolf down (pardon the pun!) than your crusty rolls on a Grill’d burger and came with a side of greens and shoestring fries. I was most surprised when he even let me have a bite as I was already stealing his fries (in the name of my blog!!!!). I do agree with him that it was a very tasty burger and the roasted roma tomato and red cabbage made it more interesting than your standard fare.

Dessert was a no-brainer. How anyone can go past a chocolate fondant baffles me!  Almond cream and pistachio icecream rounded it out perfectly and we were extremely disappointed that we opted to share!

Overall, The Wolf & I gets 5 stars for atmosphere, quality pub food and knowledgable, friendly and attentive staff. Will we be back? Definitely! I have an inkling that it may even become a regular.

Thanks for reading!

Bec 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Windsor Files Part I – The Wolf & I

  1. Thank you Bec for your kind words – and great write-up.
    Very happy to know that you liked The Wolf & I and enjoyed our food.
    Kindest Regards

    The Wolf Team (:

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